Comcast Customers have the benefit of being able to download the Norton Protection suite free of charge for up to 5 computers.  Following are the instructions for downloading and installing for your computer.

First, click here for the Norton download.  This will bring up the following screen.

Now, click on the Get Notorton Security Suite Button, then at the bottom, click on Run.

Now, uncheck the top two items by click on the check marks.

Next, click on find my email addtess now and put in the required information.

Next, do a screen dump, or write down the PIN number (this will aslo be saved in the Norton installation folder whose shortcut is on the desktop after installation, but is always a good idea to keep this information handy.

Then finish the installation and then youcan use Norton to protect you against viruses and other threats.  It is a good perk to using Comcast for your Internet provider.

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